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What is THCO? Effects, risks and production

The first references to THCO date back to the 1940s, when its reputation as a psychedelic cannabinoid began to take shape. Wondering what THCO is, what its effects are and what's behind its production? Let's find out.

THCB cannabinoid and details about this cannabinoid

Cannabinoid THCB: Chemical structure, production, effects, availability and product safety

The cannabis plant contains a wide range of compounds: cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, terpenoids and alkaloids. Around 150 minor cannabinoids have already been identified, including THCB. What is THCB and how does its structure differ from THC? What is the process behind its production, what effects does it have, what products are on the market and what is its safety? We will cover all this in the article.

A scientist checks the analysis and results of cannabis flowers for CBDP

Cannabinoid CBDP: Chemical structure, production, effects, products

Once again, we're back with news from the world of cannabis! We have already introduced you to CB9, THCJD and THCH. And this time we will introduce CBDP, which by its name certainly does not hide a certain resemblance to CBD. What is CBDP and what is interesting about its chemical structure? Are you wondering whether it is more potent than CBD and what effects it has? We will try to answer these questions and also explore the production process and CBDP products.

Inscription 'CANNABIS', laboratory with tubes containing HHCH distillate and cannabis leaves

What is HHCH, or hexahydrocannabinol?

HHCH was first synthesized by Roger Adams in 1942. Find out more about this compound, how it is produced, its effects, risks and what products are on the market. Does it have psychoactive effects? Answers in the article.

THJCD - cannabinoid and details about it

THCJD: On the origin, properties and effects of a new cannabinoid

The world of cannabinoids has experienced an unprecedented boom in recent months. Another cannabinoid that has suddenly appeared on the cannabis scene and is causing a stir among scientists and lawmakers alike is THCJD. Today, we're going to tell you what makes THCJD unique, how it differs from THC, the legal status of this cannabinoid, and its effects.

Joint vs. blunt vs. spliff: How do they differ?

Joint vs. blunt vs. spliff: How do they differ?

There is no such thing as a cannabis cigarette. Some are wrapped in papers and others in wraps or tobacco leaves. Some contain only flowers, others contain tobacco. Which is which? Today we're going to explain what a joint, spliff and blunt are, what the differences are, what they can contain and why what they're wrapped in matters.

Cannabis leaf, what is THCH

What is THCH and how is it formed? Effects, products and legality

It seems that one new cannabinoid after another is now appearing on the cannabis scene. As cannabis attracts more and more attention from scientists and doctors, it is no wonder that more discoveries are being made. Let's get to know the cannabinoid THCH and answer what THCH is, how it is produced, what effects it has, what products are available and whether it is legal. And by the way, there is information that it is up to 25 times more potent than delta-9-THC. Here we go.

What is CB9

Find out what cannabinoid CB9 is and what it does! Comparison with other cannabinoids

We bring you the latest news from the world of cannabis! The natural cannabinoid CB9 is making its presence known. Let's take a look at what CB9 is, how it's made and what makes it unique. Does CB9 have psychoactive effects? And what therapeutic potential does it offer? Find out in the article and explore the comparison of cannabinoids CB9 vs. H4CBD vs. HHC vs. THCP.


Everything you want to know about vaporization

Vaporisation is becoming increasingly popular and it is no wonder. According to many scientific studies, it is less burdensome to human health than traditional smoking. Do you know what you can vape and how to vape without nicotine? We'll take a look at that in this article.


HHCP: Production, chemical structure and effects

The new cannabinoids have exploded in recent months. These include HHC-P, the full name of hexahydrocannabiphorol, which is derived from the better known hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). They share a similar chemical structure, but compared to HHC, HHC-P has a two-carbon longer alkyl chain. Because of this, HHC-P is currently described as the most potent cannabinoid in the world.