The Czech producer Eighty8 from the picturesque corner of Beskydy has bet on an eye-catching image, which has gained the attention of younger customers in particular. It selects high quality CBD products only from verified farmers from all over Europe. To guarantee the highest CBD potency, he uses only full-spectrum hemp extracts to produce oils, liquids and other products. CBD dry matter for further processing is also a popular item.

In addition to CBD, the products contain large amounts of secondary cannabinoids and terpenes. These, thanks to a common synergy or "entourage effect" work best. Dried hemp flowers are a rich source of CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids, as well as substances such as resin, wax, flavonoids, antioxidant terpenes and unsaturated fatty acids. No artificial CBD isolate is added and therefore contains naturally occurring levels of phytocannabinoids.

All of Eighty8's products are manufactured with an emphasis on environmental friendliness, fully compliant with European Union legislation, laboratory tested and certified for sale in the Czech Republic.

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