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We are professionals in the field and will guide you safely through the cannabis landscape. We specialize in selling products containing HHCP, H4CBD and THCJD. We offer a wide variety of them: HHCP vape pens (disposable vaporizer pens) and replacement cartridges for vaporizer pens containing HHCP liquid, HHCP flower (HHCP weed) as well as H4CBD cartridges, and even brand new THCJD vape pen and cartridges, THCJD flower, hash, THCJD oils and distillates.

The products are only for over 18 years of age.

A scientist checks the analysis and results of cannabis flowers for CBDP

Cannabinoid CBDP: Chemical structure, production, effects, products

Once again, we're back with news from the world of cannabis! We have already introduced you to CB9, THCJD and THCH. And this time we will introduce CBDP, which by its name certainly does not hide a certain resemblance to CBD. What is CBDP and what is interesting about its chemical structure? Are you wondering whether it is more potent than CBD and what effects it has? We will try to answer these questions and also explore the production process and CBDP products.

Inscription 'CANNABIS', laboratory with tubes containing HHCH distillate and cannabis leaves

What is HHCH, or hexahydrocannabinol?

HHCH was first synthesized by Roger Adams in 1942. Find out more about this compound, how it is produced, its effects, risks and what products are on the market. Does it have psychoactive effects? Answers in the article.

THJCD - cannabinoid and details about it

THCJD: On the origin, properties and effects of a new cannabinoid

The world of cannabinoids has experienced an unprecedented boom in recent months. Another cannabinoid that has suddenly appeared on the cannabis scene and is causing a stir among scientists and lawmakers alike is THCJD. Today, we're going to tell you what makes THCJD unique, how it differs from THC, the legal status of this cannabinoid, and its effects.

Joint vs. blunt vs. spliff: How do they differ?

Joint vs. blunt vs. spliff: How do they differ?

There is no such thing as a cannabis cigarette. Some are wrapped in papers and others in wraps or tobacco leaves. Some contain only flowers, others contain tobacco. Which is which? Today we're going to explain what a joint, spliff and blunt are, what the differences are, what they can contain and why what they're wrapped in matters.

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